Estate by Bodega Thirteen 023 gold decorative bangle.

Perfect for layering as seen on Ali with the 022 Cuban Link Bracelet

2.5" diameter.

Engraved detailing.

10k gold. 

Made in Italy.

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The initial collection of Estate pieces are basic pieces to start a collection: classic, easy, timeless, swanky-but-chill.

Using quality metals, the pieces in this collection are intended to act as permanents (jewellery that always stays on) Estate will live with you through seasons, showers, dancing, etc. Basically, because Estate is made from solid precious metals they won't turn your neck or fingers green or cause an allergic reaction to shitty filler metals. Yes, they are more expensive than some other online shit, but just remember when you one day inevitably attempt to check your net worth only to find that your mounting student loans/credit card debt/lack of real paying job even though you went to school forever negative calculated net worth - you're wearing Estate, it's 10k gold baby.