Roll away your problems.

Rose jade roller with gold metal hardware.

Reduces puffiness and inflammation, drains the lymphatic system and tightens pores.

How we use it: Once your face is cleansed, apply your serums and moisturizers. Using the larger end, roll in upwards motions, rolling from centre of the face outwards. Roll under cheekbones, along jawline and forehead. Use the smaller end to gently roll the under-eye area. Wipe clean with cleanser after each use.

Why you should buy it: The jade roller is an inexpensive way to assist in increasing circulation, detoxing and tightening the skin, among other benefits. Basically, it feels great, is relatively inexpensive for it’s varied benefits and it’s also nice to look at.

TIP: Store it in your fridge for added cooling and de-puffing effects.

Makes a great gift!

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