An ongoing series where we ask someone we like some questions. For this instalment of "A Few Questions With" we had a quick chat with artist (and occasional model) Samantha Vo. 

Can you quickly introduce yourself, and give a little overview of what you do?

I’m Samantha Vo, I’m a digital illustrator and 1/3 of Brown Grl Theory, a digital based platform for diverse artists. 


What does Brown Grl Theory mean to you?

Brown Grl Theory is my creative outlet and space for showcasing the underrepresented artist. It’s definitely more than a website to me, it’s a direct representation of my friendships with Amber and Sara (Co-Editors/founders) and the magic we have found in sharing our experiences and creativity.


In your Letter From the Editors you mention “shine theory”- do you feel we are moving towards a culture of female identified individuals supporting one another?

Yes! And it’s important to create spaces for those beginning to deconstruct and create a sense of community to build that support. Competition with others can be a natural feeling, but we find it important for girls to rationalize with it and understand that instead of feeling the need to one-up other ladies, they can be inspired by their success and move within their own means and essence in this world. Learning to accept yourself and see your worth allows you to understand all that you are and all that you can be. Which is the most important part of Shine Theory for us, because as women we have to constantly break these standards of competition down with each other and solidify our relationships so that we can each shine independently but also together. 




Can you give us a bit of an insight into what life in Phoenix is like?

It’s definitely a city that is evolving and with that comes the ability to be influential in an impactful and personal way. It took a long time until I adapted to the desert but once you embrace it’s hard to not be inspired by everything around you out here. 


How does your location impact how you approach what you do, if at all?

It’s definitely a source of inspiration and the energy here is very laidback. It gives me room to create at my own pace and not feel constantly pressured.  


Do you have a favourite artist or movement to come out of Phoenix?

I don’t have a favorite. I’m inspired by everyone around me doing cool shit and finding creative ways to express themselves. 


You have a pretty solid social media following. Do you feel social media is important?

Yes! It has been a big part of my art and building relationships with other artists that I would have otherwise never had the opportunity to cross paths with. It has been an important aspect in showing what I’m about and what I intend to do. I like how accessible it makes art and people no matter their location.  


Do you have a favourite item of clothing?

I love chucks and my thrifted Kapital jeans. 


How do you see your practice and Brown Grl Theory evolving?

My end goal for my own art and Brown Grl Theory is for it to be something people can connect and relate to. I hope Brown Grl Theory eventually reaches a younger audience and they feel like they belong and can relate to something in the media – it’s something I wish I had when I was younger. 


You can keep up with what Samantha's working on here and can follow brown grl theory here.