The entire Bodega Thirteen gang are all big fans of self-publishing - and with LAABF happening we wanted to share the books that we're most stoked to see.

In all fairness - this article is being written by a photographer, so don't be bummed when I don't talk about many drawing/comic/painting based books. Go read about that shit on Juxtapoz and leave me alone.

  • Molly Matalon and Ryan Lowry both will have new zines for sale at booth X60 - they're both fantastic artists, and I personally am really stoke to see new printed work from them.

  • Steven Vainberg is releasing a new book of screenshots - he'll be at booth X60 as well

  • Deadbeat Club is selling a bunch of new zines - most exciting to me is Todd Hido's Collage Number Three

  • Clint Woodside's first book Undercover Cars will also be available through Deadbeat Club, and I'm expecting it to be really tight

  • SWAMPY OUT HERE DROPPING "YOUR HOUSE IS MY HOUSE". This dude stays quiet 99% of the time, so whenever he releases anything you know it's gonna be flames.