Beyond world peace, equality, male accountability and net neutrality, here are some things on our holiday wishlist:

  1.  Anthology of Emo, Vol 1 - 14-year-old me was pretty into it when Seventeen magazine published an infographic entitled, "am i emo?" cuz I wanted to be emo and also cool really bad. This book will help me revisit those years of wearing many, many beaded bracelets and fake nerd glasses where, two of those interviewed--Chris Carrabba (of Dashboard Confessional) and Matt Pryor (of The Get Up Kids)--felt like the only people who understood me. Okay, off to play Emogame
  2.  Neige Red Sweatpants - Bad Santa is definitely considering buying these sweats for lounging, made by streetwear brand Neige, from Poland.
  3.  House of Sunny Volume Jumper - I'm getting the coziest vibes from this green House of Sunny turtleneck. A perfect sweater to wear to an "Ugly Holiday Sweater" party where you decide to pull a fast one on your friends and actually show up looking hot. Yeah, you can steal that. 
  4.  022 Cuban Link Bracelet - I always feel so good when I'm wearing a tennis bracelet. This one is solid 10k gold. Please can I have it? 
  5.  Taiwan Milk Oolong (Jian Zuan Silk) Tea - Honestly, fuck coffee. Tea is waaaaay cooler. This Jian Zuan Silk oolong variety is super rare and unbelievably delicious, with a sweet, creamy flavour that is created only when certain climate conditions are achieved, not added in powder form by some guy in the David's tea factory. Get the real shit; it's worth it, I promise. Real heads know.  - Jess



  1.  Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors - Although they don't go on general sale until January, must cop tickets (will also accept IOU). I think I've missed this show in every city so far.
  2.  Neige Black Logo Socks - To keep my feet warm. The red logo adds a nice lil touch of colour to my generally otherwise black outfits.
  3. Soda Stream - Not the most exciting gift but v useful and environmentally friendly!
  4. 011 Silver Hoops - I have a bunch of hoops but the Estate by Bodega Thirteen hoops are 10k sterling silver so they won't tarnish or bug your ears. At 2.5" in diameter they aren't too hoochie and can transition from day to night.
  5. FINCA donation - Very thankful that while I can write a wish list, there isn't anything I really need. Donating over the holidays can be tough as its not always easy to discern where funds are actually going. FINCA is a microfinancing organization focusing on providing tools for (predominantly women) to become financially self sufficient. - Liz