Bodega Tunes Nov 18-25

Ok I (Liz) don't fuck with him generally (largely to due with his name), but "Redbone" is very on point. I guess Childish Gambino has a new album coming out? Regardless, this song has been on repeat this week. 


If you noticed, "Redbone" samples Booty's Rubber Band's "I'd Rather Be With You". It's a classic and you should be aware. 


Speaking of samples, Timmy Thomas's "Why Can't We Live Together" came on the radio the other day. I may go so far to say that it's better than Drake's sample. 


I've had a hard time focusing lately - blame it on the weather? This album has helped me get more in the mood. 


This song randomly came to mind the other day so it's also been in rotation. Is Foxy Brown still deaf? Wasn't she trying to make a comeback? Can someone update me?

Elizabeth Arlow