Four things Liz is wearing/using/eating/reading/etc.


• The one time I went to a dermatologist was probably 8 years ago. It was in Yorkville (a swanky part of Toronto) and the dermatologist had a scary amount of plastic surgery. I'm not against helping nature by any means - do your thing. But if you're gonna touch my face, yours better look good. Needless to say, my current skincare recs are mostly anecdotal and from friends. 

Perhaps unfair, but I always had good skin growing up. Sure there was the occasional zit but I somehow avoided teen acne. That's all cool until I started getting hormonal breakouts in my late 20s (exact number unnecessary). I'm still trying determine if it's related to age, medication, food or just skincare karma catching up to me. As recommended by a friend, I've started drinking organic spearmint tea. Apparently spearmint naturally balances your hormones (apparently what causes hormonal acne breakouts). I try to drink two cups a day and it seems to help(?). If nothing else it does taste good and maybe I'm more hydrated? 

• In more skincare related news, I started using Sunday Riley's UFO oil. It's dumb expensive but has really good reviews. Apparently it should "reduce the appearance of acne, blackheads and blemishes. Formulated with clarifying plant oils like tea tree and black cumin seed oil, this facial serum also works to combat fine lines and wrinkles, revealing a more even and smooth complexion." Not sure if this is the case yet, but it is surprisingly hydrating and definitely calms down any redness. Will update on the state of my face but right now the spearmint and overpriced oil seems to be working. Get the Sunday Riley UFO oil at Gee Beauty (also swear by their brow services - serious game changer). 

• I would say my personal wardrobe is pretty consistent through seasons - a lot of black, texture, and specific accessories. Small detailed hoops have always been a go-to. The new Estate pieces are PERFECT and well-priced (if I do say so lol). My faves are the 012 Silver Twist Sleeper - small enough sleep in but the texture sets them apart from a standard sleeper hoop. We have limited quantities so don't sleep on them (get it?).

• In the last one of these posts I think I mentioned NTS. It's a really dope digital, independent radio station. Tbh there are so many shows that I generally stick to what I know. That being said, I stumbled upon Chantal Adams' show "Perm Politics." Adams' show is an incredibly well-mixed, monthly show, featuring contemporary hip hop/rnb and soul, classic soul and sonic textures. Also shoutout to all the female representation.