Four things Liz is wearing/using/eating/reading/etc.


Clockwise from top:  

  • Will be spending a few days over Christmas in the sun. This Away case is the perfect size and comes with a built-in usb phone charger which is dope because sitting on the floor at the airport tryna catch a charge is not a good look. (stickers not included)
  • I've been wearing the 021 Cuban Link Necklace every day for the last couple months. I don't like traveling with a ton of jewellery so this guy is perfect - it's solid 10k gold so I don't have to worry about taking it off in the shower/pool etc. and it layers perfectly with my nameplate necklace. 
  • Maybe A Clockwork Orange is a littleeee dark for a Christmas vacay but also feels very timely. I do not fuck with e-readers. Musty, stained, dog-eared pages any day.
  • I like to keep it cozy when I travel. Will be wearing these Neige black sweatpants on the plane....and at the pool and at lunch and dinner.