Four things Liz is wearing/using/eating/reading/etc.


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I hate the winter. But living in Toronto means there's no way around it (other than going south, which I am looking into). Here are 4 things I have been using or attempting to integrate into my life that help sooth the winter blues or at least keep me occupied until spring:

• Coffee makes me jittery. Perhaps I'm old or just not drinking the right kind but iced, hot, blended whatever I can't seem to avoid the caffeine crash and shaky hands. Matcha has been my go-to coffee replacement and the internet tells me it's good for me; anti-oxidants, organic, vegan, blah blah blah. Try Matcha Ninja - available online or if you can brave the Toronto cold, get it irl made for you at Tucana.

• Straight up, winter stifles my creativity. With the need to keep myself going and not give into SADs, I make a concerted effort keep "inspirational" material within arms reach, specifically image-based publications. Deeper Than Night  by Coley Brown, published by Silent Sound looks at the intricacies of light and the natural elements. 

• Contrary to my deeeep appreciate for quiet, I need an audio distraction to get me into a motivational work flow. Founded in London, NTS is an online, independent radio station. With two channels of 24/7 steaming content, NTS hosts a hug range of digital audio including live radio shows and live music events, from international contributors. There is literally a show or resident contributor for every style of music. Listening to RIP FM, WeDidIt Collective's monthly show, as I type this out.

• This next one is a little new wave for me but in an effort to mellow out from the aforementioned stimulants, I've been using Headspace, a guided meditation app. The internet says that mediation is good for just about every aspect of your life - I can't attest to this (yet) but I will say taking 5 minutes in the morning or before bed where I'm not on my phone or computer does feel like a good thing. Will follow up and let you know how its going...