Bodega Thirteen's Holiday Gift Guide

YO whatup - the holidays are lame as fuck!

Still gotta do them tho. I've put together this little gift guide for people who are (like me) trying to buy shit for their family that is "cool" and "hip" and maybe makes your nerd brother less lame, but also that they would actually like.



The Good Company "Good Dog" Tee.


If you're not following what the Good Company has been putting out recently, you're totally missing out. Their shit is so so so good. This tee is perfect, because it says "cute dog" but it comes from a gnarly local NY shop that does good stuff. Buy this for your younger sibling or cousin.



No Fun Press "Fortune Teller" Keychain Toy


What's a better gift than the gift of foresight? 

Buy this for a friend you don't want to spend too much on, or for your kid as a gift from cool Santa.



Roe Ethridge's "Neighbours"


Roe Ethridge is such a good photographer. Buy this for me.



Patrick Woodling's "Days Like These" from Pomegranate Press.


This looks great, and I've been meaning to buy myself a copy. Perfect for the cousin/nephew who smokes a lot of weed and skateboards.



Our Eve top.


U know we gotta put on for ourselves and also this top looks good on everyone.



Soop Soop "Fashoin" Tee

For the kid who's interests you'll never quite get.



Glossier's "Balm _dotcom" Skin Salve


Lauren told me this is "good for winter skin" 

Grayson James