Liz shares some stuff from last week...(ish)

  • Ok I may be late but I'm slightly obsessed with HQ Trivia; thanks Jess. Will report back once I've won. Also use my code (LOL) "elizabetharlow" so I get extra lives thnx. Also who knew that Will Smith's real name is Willard?
  • I went to Paris a week (or two?) ago for a few days. Literally 3 actual days to visit Tia. We walked, ate, drank, watched Netflix. Go to Paris; eat the escargot; drink everything; walk everywhere; sit on a heated patio for hours; only speak French; go to Colette (if you get there before end of Dec); drink champagne in velvet basements. 
  • I listened to this a lot last week too. Shout out to We Did It.
  • Last week we participated in an event at Salon Soap, Decked Out. Pics up soon.
  • If you haven't been keeping up-to-date on American news (I don't blame you its depressing as fuck) then you may not have heard the American's government looking to repeal the net neutrality bill. It's completely fucked. Don't let it happen.
  • Googled this Lil Yachty's feature rate for some reason...