Liz's Week In Scans Nov 16th-23rd

While I’ve never had the diligence to maintain a diary, I tend to accumulate notes, receipts, sketches, stacks of lists and general ephemera. LIZ'S WEEK IN SCANS will give you a peek into what’s been occupying my time (and desk.)  Check back Wednesday afternoons for a look at the week’s recap.


Haven't done one of these for a minute but here are a few things that have been floating around my desk as we start to prep for the move (more on that later!)

  • Layout from "Moving to Better Serve You", up at 1446 Dundas St. West until Nov 30th.
  • A couple flicks of the homies from the opening of the show.
  • Jessica Rose made this dope limited edition poster. We still have a couple kicking around. Ask about it when you come through to the shop.
  • The homie No Fun Press left me a couple stickers. They are having an "open studio pop up" this Saturday. Roll through.
  • I may be a millionaire but I don't know it yet. Will keep you updated.
  • Jaik Puppy Teeth has a really tight new collection of drawings called "Medium Misery."
Elizabeth Arlow