While I’ve never had the diligence to maintain a diary, I tend to accumulate notes, receipts, sketches, stacks of lists and general ephemera. LIZ'S WEEK IN SCANS will give you a peek into what’s been occupying my time (and desk.)  Check back Wednesday afternoons for a look at the week’s recap.

  • Too many years ago, my Dad and I found ourselves in Las Vegas for a few days with some time on our hands. As much as I love Vegas (It's a specific kind of love), trolling the casino and sitting poolside ran its course. We decided some old-fashioned entertainment would be a good move. Being relatively apathetic towards musicals and the tradition Vegas "show", the only viable option left was a Prince tribute show in old Vegas. I don't recall what B-list casino the show was in, but it was definitely worth the trek - squint hard enough (or take off your glasses in my case) and it was 1989. If you find yourself in "Sin City" make some time to cruise Fremont Street and scoop some tickets for Purple Reign, The Prince Tribute Show - unfortunately it's as close to the real thing as you now can get. 
  • We shot Julien Bowry for and editorial this week. Peep the full piece here
  • As a kid I briefly lived in London, UK. Much of what I can recall of my weekends were spent with my Dad - he sold vintage and collectable pieces outside of a friend's clothing store in Portobello Road Market, as many native Londoners do. When I opened the shop (2 years ago May 1st!), I wanted to create a space that reflected this early introduction to retail and my interest in new and old - connecting our monochrome, minimalist, contemporary clothing with more ornate, vintage home accents. Our selection of vintage and collectible lifestyle objects are now available online - you can view all the pieces here
  • More new new! We're steady receiving SS16 arrivals. Come through the shop or shop online
  • Shoutout to my Dad for inspiring much of the week in scans.