While I’ve never had the diligence to maintain a diary, I tend to accumulate notes, receipts, sketches, stacks of lists and general ephemera. LIZ'S WEEK IN SCANS will give you a peek into what’s been occupying my time (and desk.)  Check back Wednesday afternoons for a look at the week’s recap.

  • Apparently I'm no good at maintaining a weekly update either. May was super hectic - I celebrated another birthday; took some time off; my dude visited from Cali; celebrated my dudes birthday; hung out with the close homie visiting from NY; got sick; watched the Raptors lose, win then lose again; enjoyed this wild early summer in Toronto; swam at "the summer home" (re: cottage); made some pickles (follow me on snap for developments); did a small re-org at the shop - come thru!
  • I've picked up a bad habit of writing notes on loose (slices as I refer to them) paper. It makes note taking easier/organization harder. One of the aspects of owning a business that makes itself apparent from day 1 is the need to adapt - have a plan but anticipate it to change, sometimes completely. In many ways I feel Bodega Thirteen has gotten both closer and further from the original business I had written up in my shitty 95 degree, Brooklyn sublet a handful of summers ago. Taking some time away from the shop gave me a minute to see everything with a bit of distance - cry guy over here. Moving into our second year at the shop, we have some exciting projects and some changes ahead. Keep watch.