Questions - a new(ish) series where we ask some people we know and admire a few questions.

Brad Tinmouth loves a good casino. We asked him a few quick questions to get to know the guy behind the John "Bet-A-Million" Gates tee freshly added in the shop. You can also hear the pod Liz did with Brad here.

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Name: Brad Tinmouth

Occupation: Artist

Location: Toronto

Astrological sign: N/A

Official URL(s): @swimfan69

Favourite sports team: lol

Most overwhelming personality trait: being overwhelming

Last person you spoke to: G-d

What you ate for breakfast: Congee and cold pills

What's your favourite scent? Jardin Du Nile, Oud, Plant store, Casino

What inanimate object can you not live without? PDA 

How would you define what you do for a living? I make luxury goods

What don't you do? Things for free

Where do you find artistic inspiration? Youtube dot com

Do you collect anything? Art, Roman antiquities, Casino ephemera, Addictions

What is your current phone background? Like a mountain and space from the preselected options

Idea of great misery: No ice

How do you wish to die? Soon

What tabs are open on your browser right now? Good lord. 

Link to an image you feel most accurately represents you: