Questions: Connor Olthuis

Questions - a new series where we ask some people we know and admire a few questions.

Connor Olthuis is one of our favourite kind of artists: technically knowledgeable, talented outside of the realm of the visual arts, and deeply kind. After seeing his work around Toronto for years, we became intrigued by the way that he melds everyday materials with the whimsy that the white cube offers. Now, he’s part of the Bodega family; he showed with the amazing Caleb Dunham at Little Sister last June.

Name: Connor Jacob Olthuis

Occupation: Artist

Location: Toronto

Astrological sign: Libra

Official URL(s):

Favourite flower: Cosmos :)

Favourite sports team: Netherlands national football team

Most overwhelming personality trait: allowing small talk

Last person you spoke to: Caleb Dunham

What you ate for breakfast: Coffee

What's your favourite scent? Rain on very hot cement

What inanimate object can you not live without? nothing ? maybe this one rock i usually carry around in my pocket

How would you define what you do for a living? Variegated

Favourite artistic material: This one is hard it's a tie between stainless steel or anything that is re-purposed that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

Ultimate, untimely dreams: Comfort

What don't you do?: Sleep

Where do you find artistic inspiration? construction sites, plants, flowers, writhing masses of people, networks, animals, infrastructure

What is your current artistic obsession? Plastic shopping bags -- or if this means like an artist or something then Mandla Reuter

Do you collect anything? rocks

What is your current phone background? a stock iPhone gradient that goes from teal to blue (bottom to top)

Idea of great misery: eternal life

How do you wish to die? plane crash

What tabs are open on your browser right now? An Oral History of the Simpsons Classic Planet of the Apes,,, google search: how to transition two tracks in ableton live, ethereumprice, why is my dill flowering: Reasons a Dill Plant Has Flowers, Google search: love affair with water,, Google Search: Thom Yorke Cheesecake

Link to an image you feel most accurately represents you: link