Questions: Nick Joseph

Questions - a new series where we ask some people we know and admire a few questions. 

For our first instalment, we get to know Nick Joseph. Nick and Liz first met through instagram (lol) over a mutual aesthetic appreciation. Almost three years (?) later Nick continues to bang out killer photos for both the corporate streetwear world and his own artistic projects. Nick's most recent project, The Close Enough Gallery is a true culmination of Nick's vast influences and relationships with some dope contemporary artists. If you happen to be in Long Beach this weekend go peep The Close Enough Gallery booth at Agenda. 

Name: Nick Joseph

Occupation: I guess I primarily make my money taking photos, but don't really wanna say I'm a photographer. 

Location: Orange County, USA.

Screen Shot 2017-07-14 at 7.50.10 PM.png

Astrological sign: The mighty Taurus. 

Official URL(s): and

Favourite flower: Hmmm... I think lilies. 

Favourite sports team: The only team that matters: The Los Angeles Dodgers 😎

Most overwhelming personality trait: Hmmm... randomness? Is that a trait? 

Last person you spoke to: Mom.

What you ate for breakfast: Hard boiled eggs and tea. 

What's your favourite scent? Musk.

What inanimate object can you not live without? My Nikon 35ti.

How would you define what you do for a living? I do various things like shooting photos for brands, but then sometimes I do PR/Media Relations type stuff on a freelance basis. But, I'm trying to do that stuff more, but for myself and my Close Enough Gallery project.

Favourite artistic material: 120 and 135 film.

Ultimate, untimely dreams: To live in a desert area of the Southwest and owning a motel with a neat sign. And finally upgrading from my W126 Mercedes to C126 Mercedes. 

What don't you do? I don't drink alcohol - 13 years now! In your face, booze!

Where do you find artistic inspiration? The web and colorful parts of LA. 

What is your current artistic obsession? I came up with an idea for a zine that's really me involving clues I find on the street.

Do you collect anything? Not at the moment. I have an addictive personality and I don't have time to be into collecting stuff. 

What is your current phone background? A photo of Gillian Anderson, haha. 

How do you wish to die? Probably some heroic way or like if duelling becomes fashionable again, maybe like a duel in El Paso, Texas. 

What tabs are open on your browser right now? My various email accounts and the Dodgers stream.

Link to an image you feel most accurately represents you:

Purchase Oakwood by Nick Joseph here & follow Nick and The Close Enough Gallery on instagram.