This Week In Toronto Dec. 19-26

There's really not much going on. It's cold and the holidays. 

Self Portait - An exhibition by Lucas Mcneely at Blank Canvas Gallery

Dec. 20

Lucas' paintings are fun and nice. Check this one out!


Dec. 21

From the organizers

"Join us on Wednesday for everyone's favourite holiday, EGG NOG!! Art Metropole Board President Kathleen McLean will round up all her favorite EGG NOG, and together we will drink the EGG NOG. #eggnog

This amazing, once in a lifetime event will double as a reception for WISH LISTS BY ARTISTS, our holiday window display! This year, Art Metropole’s Board of Directors asked local, national and international artists and writers to visit our website and select up to three items from the shop’s inventory that they themselves would be happy to receive as presents. They came up with a broad selection of books, t-shirts, posters, prints, tote bags, records and more, for your consideration this holiday season. "

Sound like a good time! Who doesn't like 'nog?

Grayson James