This Week in Toronto Dec. 5 to Dec. 13

SUNNY DAZE - Jan Ollner at Will Kucey Gallery

Dec. 9

From the organizers - "Jan Ollner’s new series of paintings, “Sunny Daze,” both triggers and resists nostalgia. Drawing from his own photographs and those posted on social media, Ollner uncovers a common narrative thread. The banality of Western vacation culture is revealed through images of sandy beaches, palm trees and pools. Ollner manipulates trendy compositions, forcing the viewer to question the pervasiveness of unoriginal online content. He explores today’s visual rhetoric – images that are repeatedly produced, shared and “liked” – so as to reveal our symbols of cultural homogeny and digital escapism."

Furthermore, Good Work at the East Room

Dec. 9

This sounds like a cool magazine launch/art show which seems like the format for any event in 2016. Should be nice! RSVP is required so make sure you do that.

END "retirement art show" at Capital Espresso

Dec. 9

Giles Monette has been curating the space at Capital for a minute, and is moving on to new exciting things. He's showing a bunch of new work to celebrate.

OCADU Book Arts Fair 2016 at OCAD

Dec. 10

Self publishing is a really great thing and we should all support young artists. Plus who doesn't love comics about #adulthood and #growingup. 

Every sound is a small action and broke world at 8-11

Dec. 10

From the organizers - "Every sound is a small action and broke world explores a sensorial delineation between the infra-noise of political conflict, and music’s capacity to make something else audible. Borrowing its title from a line in the poem “Other dimensions in music, ghostcatching” by Fred Moten, actions here initiate from the forcefulness of sound— its vibrational persistence, its material in-betweenness in relation to objects, the body, space, and language. Informed by the compositional language of american experimental music, the exhibition includes several long-duration sound works that complicate attention, material memory, and the concert as a mode of display."

CultureElizabeth Arlow