This Week in Toronto Jan 16-23

Azza El Siddique: Lattice be Transparent at 8-11

Jan. 17

From the organizers - "Continuing her exploration with Materialism, Azza El Siddique invites visitors into a virtual state of Immaterialism. In this constructed reality, El Siddique places objects that hold lines from her Sudanese diasporic experience -- together, these objects scaffold El Siddique’s multi-layered strategy for self-preservation, which draws on the fantasy of the virtual realm to offer protections and sanctuary. The alternate dimension posited by sanctuary in the realm of virtual reality offers insights into how El Siddique, a Sudanese-Canadian, can exist beyond the analog realities of exclusion as outliers from the interwovenness of the broader, whiter North American milieu. There are no directions on Google Maps; El Siddique’s itinerary is instead forged by a speculative assembly of narrative and cultural fragments that straddle the border between the virtual and the tangible."

Exhibitions Opening Party at the Ryerson Image Center

Jan 18

I go to Ryerson and feel obliged to post this. Also if you're looking for a sugar daddy/mommy I would say this is the place you have the best chances to find one.

That Is Best Which Works Best at Mjolk

Jan 18

From the organizer - "a group exhibition which sets out to examine how past craft movements have informed contemporary practice. By looking towards the Shaker movement, many designers, artisans and craftspeople have found a distinct aesthetic informed by a philosophical practice."

This sounds really cool! I feel like "craft" has become really important to a lot of young artists so this makes sense.

David Ballantine - Edison's Teeth at Bunker 2

Jan 19.

"In this new trap, the hard is made soft: the box defends itself against unfamiliar assaults, deaf to all that exceeds its powers; the membrane of the tympanum presents a skin surface to the outside and a membrane of mucous to the inside, the skin harder and the mucous softer, separated in the milieu of the membrane by a more resistant armature; the acoustic wave emanating from a shock changes into a chemical signal carrying the information electrically towards the centre… What centre? Does this box receive or transmit? To hear means to vibrate, but vibrating means emitting. Unfold the cochlea, for example, and an inverted piano appears, on which high and low are inscribed from left to right. But a piano sounds,it does not hear. The reasoning continues; The ear needs a more central ear in order to hear what is transmitted by the three ears, the external, the median and the internal, which are heard in succession. The centre hears. What centre?"
- Steven Conner, 2001

Jeff Chiu, The Ancestral Home at The Ryerson Artspace

Jan 21

Jeff is the good homie, and this is a really really good show.


Elizabeth Arlow