This Week in Toronto Jan. 9 - 16

Wow! There's a thing like every day this week! New year new openings am I right,,?

Laurie Kang, Line Litter at Franz Kaka

Jan. 12

Laurie Kang is showing some new work at Franz Kaka.

Opening: Juan Ortiz-Apuy - The Garden of Earthly Delights at Gallery 44

Jan. 13

From the organizers - "Taking its conceptual starting point from Rem Koolhaas’ “Junkspace”, which advances the concept of junkfood to our built environment, this exhibition investigates the world of “total design” to reflect on contemporary image practices involving advertising, design and commodity fetishism. Inspired by Early Netherlandish Painting, the large-scale collage works feature fantastical imagery, depicting fragile and elaborate ecosystems where designed objects and furniture appear like animate beings with a will and agency of their own."

Close Readings at TPW

Jan. 14

From the organizers - "What happens to critical distance when our internal noise, our debts, our anxieties, and our entanglements interrupt the process of being with an artwork? How can we maintain the political urgency of criticism when we are moved by artworks and deeply feel their effects on us? What do we do with the self-awareness of our own implication and entanglement? When artworks overflow and exceed the methods that exist for talking about them in established, detached ways, how do we inhabit new ones that hold together our criticality, our feeling, and our recognition of the space between them?"

Palmistry at The Drake Hotel

Jan. 15


Grayson James