This Week in Toronto Nov 1 - 8

Here's what is best for your mind and health and popularity to attend this week in Toronto:

Moving To Better Serve You At Bodega Thirteen 

Nov. 2nd

I mean no shit we're gonna put on for ourselves. This is the last event we're gonna be having at our 1446 Dundas West space, and it's gonna feature all of your favourite artists and people. Sounds will be provided by Chippy Nonstop and Kash Honey.

Jalil Bokhari at Little Sister

Nov 2nd

From the artist - "The piece on display marries photography and sculpture in an effort to explore the jigsaw puzzle as an artistic medium. When considered together, the smaller pieces within the work, acting as individual sculptures of their own, complete the image. In Jalil's previous use of this medium, he made the pieces interactive, allowing the viewer to complete the puzzle for themselves. Working with the nature of a display space like Little Sister's, the artist is forced to explore this medium beyond interactivity, and instead presents the jigsaw puzzle as a static form"

This event will be happening in conjunction with "Moving to Better Serve You". I'm really psyched to see what Jalil's been working on!


Casual Encounters at Bunker 2

Nov 3

From the organizer - "What is the role of intimacy within the art gallery? How do specific practices use closeness as a means for communication? The exhibiting works engage in a conceptual tenderness that elevates foreign objects into sites for personal exchange. "

This seems like a cool lil' group show in a space that I think is new? I'm not totally sure, but I think it's in a shipping container, which is neat. Definitely worth checking out!


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