This Week In Toronto - Nov. 14-21

Lotsa stuff coming up this week! 

No Fun HQ - Open Studio w/ Yo Sick, Just Visiting & Paul Jackson

Nov. 19

Ayyy! This will be a really nice time, say what's up to all the good homies and get some cool stuff!


Rally Against Trump

Nov. 19



Sound bath at Franz Kaka

Nov. 17-19 

This sounds like it's going to be a very neat thing - three nights of sound works from lots of very good artists - including the good homie Georgia Dickie 


Trancelation Anthology Launch at Art Metropole

Nov 18

From the organizers -

"Over the summer, nine translators gathered at Art Metropole to experiment with the elastic practices and theories of trancelation (a word that acknowledges language’s hypnotic properties and the trancelator’s own suspended agency in the between-space of translation). Most had never worked in creative translation before—a weird and endless task—but they worked from Spanish, French, Italian, Korean, German, English, incorporating swaths of architecture, visual art, philosophy, condensation, and commentary into their projects." 

Bread & Butter | Ryerson Artspace Annual Fundraiser at The Ryerson Artspace

Nov. 24

This is a big show that the Ryerson Image Arts school runs as a fundraiser. I (Grayson) have some nice lil things for sale here, so come say hi!


Jennifer Rose Sciarrino: Thrummer at Daniel Faria Gallery

Nov. 17

From the organizers - 

"Since her last solo exhibition, Sciarrino has readjusted her lens, approaching human and plant biological matter microscopically. Through her own processes of art-making— hand-blown glass sculpture, animation and floor-drawing—Sciarrino has magnified the nearly invisible elements that comprise living forms, translating them into objects and actions that can be sensed more freely, and thus, interpreted poetically. Occupying the gallery’s crevices, peripheries, and higher and lower planes are two and three dimensional augmentations—mostly through scale and material— of a living organism’s inner-workings."

Grayson James