This Week in Toronto Oct. 24 - 31


This week is a busy one!

Some smaller/artist run/very cool events:

Brian Rideout's "Resilient Floors" at AC Repair Co.

OCT. 28

Hands down this is the thing I am most stoked for this week. DO NOT FUCKING MISS THIS.

If By Dull Rhymes:  Kristan Horton and David Armstrong Six at Clint Roenisch.

I don't know much about this show, but Roenisch tends to do a nice job of things!

Artist Talk: Duane Linklater at Mercer Union

OCT. 26

From the organizers - "Mercer Union is delighted to present a solo exhibition by Duane Linklater titled From Our Hands, with Ethel Linklater (Trapper) and Tobias Linklater. Working across installation, performance, film, and photography, Duane Linklater excavates histories to unearth folds and knots addressing cultural loss, recovery and sovereignty. Unearthing work hidden beneath gallery walls or re-inserting iconic Indigenous imagery inscribed within Canadian identity, he explores the migration and exchange of knowledge and ideas, and their consequences."

Linklater is an excellent artist, and this will be an important talk I think.

A Hanging at 165 Geary

OCT. 27

This is an inaugural art party presented by the costume house. TRP is involved and I really admire everything they do, so I'm excited for this!


Xpace Opening Reception: October/November Programming

OCT 28

Lot's of new stuff at Xpace opening up! Should be nice.


Bigger/commercial/slightly less cool stuff:


OCT 29

Canadians! Zines! Very cool.

Art Toronto:

OCT 28-31

Sell some paintings! Prove that we're an #internationalculturalcenter.

1st Edition Book Fair:

OCT 28-30

Okay yah I am actually pretty psyched about this. It's been really great to watch the independent publishing community in town come together and put together not one but TWO big fairs. there's a bunch of talks happening at this, so i've lumped all those events under this. 

Grayson James