Join us for the opening reception of Little Sister's We Can Shake Hands and be Friends Again by Connor Olthuis & Caleb Dunham June 9th, 2016 7-10pm.

We Can Shake Hands and be Friends Again
Connor Olthuis & Caleb Dunham
June 9th - 26th
Opening Reception: June 9, 7-10 pm


I listened to the podcast ! we basically worship the guy. 

We cleared brush but our knowledge is appropriative, a pseudoscience at best.

“fucking help me”

Her heart was beating erratically. Breathing has become a task like usual. Take a sip of water, count to ten, touch the left side of your face. I have been rolling around on the forest floor for what seems like days. ha ha ha said the smaller voice behind my own, you are helpless you little shit. 1% can kill you, Need I say more? 

Am I even disconnected, the dissociative boundary is in flux. Tip toes, brushing, and the snap of a twig. I swear I can hear sirens. 


We Can Shake Hands and be Friends Again is the introduction to a larger project between Connor Olthuis and Caleb Dunham. The pair are exploring the territory of mushrooms, mycelium , and mycoremediation as an ecological basis to inform sustainable practices and theories.

Words by Connor Olthuis

Little Sister is an auxiliary gallery space, adjacent to Bodega Thirteen. The gallery is located at 1446 Dundas St. West, Toronto.