Weekly Recap Oct 24-31

Hey! It's been a whole week already! Wow time does fly. Here are some things that are exciting!

Here are some pictures that I (Grayson) took this week:


Some highlights:

- We announced "Moving to Better Serve You" - our last event at 1446 Dundas West. I'm really excited for this show! All the good homies are gonna be involved. You should be stoked. Nov 2nd!

- Jalil Bokhari is having his opening at Little Sister on the second as well!

- The Toronto Art Fair, and Edition Toronto both opened this weekend! Very cool. I bought Lele Saveri's Landscapes published by Dashwood Books because he is seriously one of the coolest and most talented dudes IMO.

- Brian Rideout's "Resilient Floors" opened. DO NOT MISS THIS SHOW.

- Drake released new music, and is an asshole to Kid Cudi. Rap beef is best for me because I'm a vegetarian and can't eat regular beef, so this counts as my protein for the week.

- Halloween!

- More investigations into Hillary Clinton's email - although maybe not even her email? I don't know much about this because it seems remarkably confusing. Here are some people who know more: 




Elizabeth Arlow